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About Me!

My goal for this store is to share my love of knitting and commitment to excellence with everyone. I’m all about colour, warmth and coziness - and I’m very excited to share that with you all.  I hope that through my unique combination of tradition and innovation, you’re able to see the value and beauty of custom knit items. Knitting has brought so much joy to my life, and I hope my products are able to do the same for you.  What can I knit for you? Yours in warm optimism,  Chantal 

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Friday Five Series.

Hello, my lovelies! I am starting a whole new series of blog posts starting next Friday!   It will be all about my Top Five things/faves of different subjects ( food, tools, books, etc.).   If you would like to know the top five of something about me let me know in the comments and I will add it to my list! So tune in next week when the first Top Five will be "5 Things  I always carry on me." Knitting Edition. Wishing everyone a great weekend! Chantal"The Crazy Knitter"Gilmour 🧶  

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