April 25th Sunday Update

Well, updates have been scarce as there has not been much to update 😏. 

I spent most of my day just puttering around catching up on dishes(the chore I dislike the most) and getting a bit of laundry completed.

During catching up of the dishes the bonus was I got a nice chunk of my audiobook listened to

when the book is a little over 32 hours you listen when you can 😊

Now taking a break from the physical labour of all sorts until I have to go switch my last load of laundry I am tummy down on my bed with Spotify and Marie Kondo's Joy At Work.

Well until next week remember Canada you can still order your mother's day slipper gift box until April 30th to get them in time for Mother's Day!Β 

Follow this link to see available colours.


Love πŸ’• you all, stay warm πŸ”…Β 

Chantal The Crazy Knitter 🧢 

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